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Summer Breeze

This outfit was
inspired by apple
blossom gently
floating down in the
warm summer

It is made of the
lightest possible
fabrics. Sheer
delicate cotton lace,
silk habotai and silk
The dress has a fitted pink full length dress
with a lime green chiffon overlay.
Both hemlines are trimmed with delicate hand
dyed Nottingham lace, hand dyed to match
the dress.
Over this there is a delicate lace top skirt.
At the waist is a deeply pleated
cummerbund, as was the fashion.
The sleeves are shorter and suitable for the
summertime and made of the fine delicate
Her bodice is embroidered at the front with
delicate flowers.
The back fastens with press studs.

By this time in history the hemlines of
dresses were just beginning to rise.
This makes walking far more practical.
The hemline on this dress rises demurely
over the shoes, revealing a pair of silk
embroidered shoes to match the dress.
The outfit is finished with a dainty pink silk
bag embroidered again to match the rest of
the outfit.