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Black Gold
This luxurious Ballgown has been created to showcase the sumptuously beaded lace.
The dress and separate cape are all about the lace. Heavily beaded and sequined and
highlighted with Swarovski crystals it will glitter for any occasion.
Because the outfit used so much black, great care has been taken to ensure that none of
this touches the doll. The entire outfit is double lined in beautiful gold silk satin.
The cape has a black silk velvet collar extending down to fit over her shoulders.
A band of gold has been embroidered and finished with hand applied crystals, this fits
snuggly round the top of the arms. The cape then flows away from the body in a swirl of
gold silk and ultra delicate black Nottingham lace.
The outside top edge of the collar has been embroidered in metallic gold thread.
The dress is heavy with beads, sequins and crystals. It has been made in gold silk satin
with an overlay of black lace. The skirt has a heavier lace than the arms and bodice, these
have been made in the lace from the cape, a really delicate Nottingham lace.
The bodice has been heavily embellished with black and clear crystals.
The neckline has an embroidered top edge to mirror the cape.
It fastens at the back with a minute bronze zip.
To finish off the outfit, there is a
tiny pair of black slip on shoes.
They have been trimmed and
embellished to match the outfit.