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Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna
Do you ever have a moment in your life where all the planets and stars align
and something totally unexpected and really quite magical happens at possibly
the worst time in your life?
Well, for me this commission was that magic.

Someone very special asked me to create this outfit as a gift for their mother.
My own mother sadly died whilst I was making these outfits.
There are many many small coincidences that happened with this
commission, making it deeply personal and deeply meaningful.
A magic I will always treasure, and I am honoured to be able to share it with

The Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna
I hope you will read more about this truly remarkable and inspirational
woman. Please click the link to
Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna
The commission
The underwear was made from very fine white silk and trimmed with genuine Nottingham lace. Very fine pink silk ribbons, tiny buttons
and hand worked embroidered roses were used to trim the "combinations". The stockings had Nottingham lace tops trimmed with the
tiniest pink silk bow.
The combinations had pink silk ribbon threaded through the Nottingham lace around the top and tiny roses embroidered at the straps.
These can only just be seen in the pictures below.
This is the white version of the outfit. It includes the dress (habit) which has a very full skirt made in the finest white cotton lawn fabric. It
fastens down the back with tiny white buttons and the cuffs are also finished with the same buttons. The dress has a slight train which just
catches the floor giving it a fabulous shape. The bodice is fully fitted both front and back. The hood was technically very difficult to
recreate and having made many versions, this was the best fit, getting it to fit perfectly (and stay) around the face and then the hood to fit
the head. It is tied in the back with tiny cotton ribbons and has two, practically invisible, crocheted eyelets either side of the face to hook
the veil on to.
Just a small personal note. It was obviously an emotional time creating these outfits. But it was quite moving to see a tear in the eye of my sybarite (above
right) This was totally unintentional. It was probably just the way the light caught her eyes. (My favourite picture)
This is the black version of the outfit. The dress and veil are made in fine black cotton lawn (truly a lovely fabric to work with) The hood is
made in white silk. The fullness of the skirt cam be seen more clearly here in the black version. The fabric folds and creases beautifully giving
it a very natural scaled down look.
The crucifix and rosary beads I made from silver beads and small jewellery findings. I also made a "wooden" (using small brown glass beads)
rosary with a pearl crucifix for the white version of the outfit.
A grey version of the outfit was made again using the fine cotton lawn fabric.
And a beautiful blue version too.
And finally the perfect compliment to the outfit.
The owner of these outfits also commissioned a doll to be painted in the likeness of The Grand Duchess Elizabeth. A truly remarkable repaint
by the wonderfully talented Noel Cruz
"Attached are photos of Saint Elizabeth in the wonderful outfit created by Andrea. When I put her outfit on, I was amazed at how much the
doll radiated with the spirit of St. Elizabeth even more so. Seeing it in the outfit was such a nice feeling, to see the doll really reflected a 3d
portrait of the beloved saint."
Noel Cruz
In memory of Kathleen (Rosindale) Twigg
18th May 1942 - 5th October 2014
"Accept all, forgive all, Let go and let God."  The Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna