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Red Velvet Gibson Girl
The most luxurious pure silk velvet fabric has gone into creating this Gibson Girl
It is a sumptuous shade of real red and feels divine, soft and silky with a fabulous
drape, it is like liquid velvet!
The outfit consists of a fully lined dress, delicate lace jacket and dainty white
Her dress is lined in fine white cotton lawn which has a delicate deep white cotton
and silk lace skirt.
The dress fastens up the back with a tiny zip closure.
The top has thin satin shoulder straps, a tightly fitted bodice and it flares out at
the knees in an extravagant swirl.
The neckline has been finished with delicate crystals and beads.
The jacket is made in a beautiful silk and cotton lace tulle fabric, in a soft antique
white colour.
It has a genuine antique lace trim around the front edges, neck and waist.
The jacket has a long trailing tail of lace at the back that fans out into a peacock
tail, this pleats across the back and hangs neatly down to the knees.
The front fastens with a tiny hidden hook and eye.
The sleeves have been cut to follow the pattern embroidered on the lace, with the
flowers around the elbow trailing off in tails towards the wrist. This has been
embellished with crystals to highlight the flowers.
To finish off the outfit, she has a tiny pair of white mule shoes with a dainty
threaded bow across the top.