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A beautiful gown capturing the very essence of shimmering starlight.

This dress is a real creative challenge, capturing the tiny metallic silver ribbons into
the structure of the dress while maintaining the liquid flow of the ribbons.
The dress is made in a fluid silky soft satin fabric.
It has a gentle A-line floor length skirt, created by using gored panels and shaped
body panels to give the skirt a deep star shaped hemline. This is all top stitched in
metallic silver thread

There are almost 20 meters of 2mm wide silver ribbon in this dress.
The challenge comes when capturing all those ribbons into the tiny seams around
the neck and shoulders.
Then shaping the dress so that all the ribbons that cover the entire top of the
dress, font and back, flow smoothly along the curves of the body.

The accessories with this outfit are a
pair of silver metallic court shoes.
A silver zipped clutch bag.
A white fur capelet lined in silver
satin and fastening with a silver
filigree clasp.
Then to finish she has a beautiful
silver glittering coronet encrusted
with sparkling diamante.