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Victorian Splendour
These outfits have been created to capture
everything regal and splendid about the
Victorian era.
The three outfits are all identical. They have been made in a rich royal purple, a glorious
scarlet red and deep moody black.
They are made in a silk satin fabric with silk linings and sumptuous luxury lace.
There is a double layered underskirt with the white lining next to the doll to protect from
staining. A lace trimmed coloured layer of silk with a built in bustle to give the doll that
classic Victorian shape.
This fastens (with a hook and eye and tiny button trim) at the side, neatly out of the way.
The skirt is made in a luxurious silk satin fabric. It is an A line shape that gently flares out at
the knee to a fuller hemline. It has been trimmed with beautiful Guipure lace.
The back of the dress floats out into a gently flowing train.
It is fitted at the waist into a neat waistband that fastens at the back with a tiny colour
co-ordinated button and press stud.

The blouses have been
painstakingly made.
They are made in the
co-ordinating fabrics.
The deep collar has
been embroidered with
sparkling silk threads to
match the embroidery
on the bodices.
The back of the
blouses have been
tightly fitted and shaped
to flatter the dolls figure.
The front of the blouse
is made in three
sections, it has an inner
silk camisole then a
lace overlay and then a
fitted and  embroidered
corset front.
The blouse then has a
deep lace frilled peplum
The fastenings down
the back and the cuff
have been trimmed with
tiny bead buttons to
match the buttoning
down the front of the
They are all fully lined
in white silk to protect
the doll.

The outfits all have matching period style shoes, all colour co-ordinated and embroidered
with tiny beads.

The outfits can, of course, be mixed around to create endless options!

Not all of the blouses made the cut!
But hey, practice makes perfect!!