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Golden Days

Golden Days

An outfit inspired by the view from
my window.
It is the beginning of Autumn and
the fields are full of golden crops.
There is a golden glow in the air
from the warm sunshine.
This outfit is also inspired by an
outfit in the Museum of Costume. It
was made in 1890-91. It is a
walking dress and was made by H
J Griffin of Nottingham.
The shoulders are narrow with the
sleeves being very full and going
over the shoulders.
The skirt is getting shorter with the
toes just showing.
The outfit consists of
a jacket, skirt and
They are all fully
lined in a delicate
floral cotton lawn
fabric in Autumn
The main fabric is a
golden silk satin.
The skirt has a
bustle at the back
and the lower edge
of the front has been
made into separate
tabs for ease of
walking. Each tab
has been
embroidered with
wheat sheafs in
golden thread, tiny
gold sequins and
golden glass beads.

The jacket has
also been
embroidered to
match. It has
embroidery on the
sleeves, the upper
and lower front
and heavily
across the back.
The bodice is
tightly fitted and
the skirt of the
jacket has been
made into tabs to
match the skirt.
The bonnet is designed like a headband that ties
at the back of the head. It is lined with the floral
fabric, embroidered on both sides of the outside.
It has a tiny ruffled edging made from tightly
pleated silk ribbon.
To finish off there is a pair of dainty shoes in tan leather, with buckle fastening.