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Highland Winter

Inspired by the Scottish Highlands, much
beloved by Queen Victoria, and the typical
fashions of the day.

The outfit consists of dress with underskirt,
knitted shawl, head-dress and shoes.
The dress is made from a very fine and soft woven cotton lawn fabric. The bodice is tightly fitted and
shaped downwards at the front waist. I have used a delicate black cotton lace, trimmed with tiny black
glass beads, to edge the cuffs and trim the front and back of the bodice.
Down the front there are tiny black glass faceted beads.
The back fastens with tiny black press studs and very tiny black buttons.
The hem of the skirt is trimmed with very detailed and delicate black Guipure lace.
There is an inbuilt underskirt made of fine white cotton lawn, this has a hoop sewn into it to give the skirt it's
fullness. This has been trimmed with antique white Nottingham lace. All the seams inside the bodice are
finished with lace, this gives a nice finish to the inside without having to line it and create bulk.
The head-dress has been copied from an article I found in the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine Vol VII
dated 1859.
It is always very interesting to learn how to make things but no better than taking it directly from an article of
the day! I can highly recommend these books for anyone interested in the fashions of the day.
The head-dress has been made
using black ribbon, Clear, black
and red crystal beads and a silk
rose trim.
The headband is wired to fit the
dolls head.
Interestingly, in the original
instructions, a real white rose
would have been used.

The shawl has been hand knitted using a Victorian knitting
It is knitted in a lace pattern using black pure wool.

And finally to finish off her outfit there are a pair of
black satin high heeled court shoes with a
sweetheart shaped front.