Ain't No Angel

This outfit was created on a whim and really is a
"Flight of Fancy". It is entirely hand made and one
of a kind.

The outfit consists of the following...
Fun Fur Wig
Winged Jacket

The wig is synthetic soft white fur and has 2 strings
of beading on the left side.

The winged Jacket is made of fine antique Irish
linen. It has detachable wigs (if you so desire) The
wings are (painstakingly) made in white voile fabric,
each feather painted delicately in silver and some
are glittered. The wings are wired so that you can
pose them, they have a sliver glittered armature
that fits into the jacket.
The Jacket is also made of the antique Irish linen. It
fastens up the front with tiny hooks and loops. The
front is trimmed with top-stitched gross-grain
ribbons and silver ribbons. There are silver studs
and crystal studs.
The right sleeve has graffiti written down the length
of the arm and says "No I really ain't".
It has 3 silver stud buttons on the wrist.
The left arm is a whole other issue, it has a
separate sleeve joined to the shoulder with delicate
silver rings and chains.
This sleeve has tiny eyelets running the entire
length of the sleeve and also has the top-stitched
gross-grain ribbons and silver ribbons. There are
also silver studs and crystal studs here. The wrist
has tabs holding silver loops and a tiny silver chain
hangs between the loops.
The back of the jacket is trimmed with top-stitched
silver ribbon. It has tiny eyelets running down the
centre, this does in fact hold the two halves of the
jacket together.
The jacket is fully fitted and fits the sybarite doll but
will fit other, similar, 16 inch dolls.

The trousers are also fitted. They fasten down the
left side with very intricate silver loops and rings as
on the jacket. It has many silver chain belts, loops
with various chains attached.
The right leg of the trousers has been made to
match the sleeve of the jacket. It has a separate leg
which is attached with ribbon tabs and silver links.
The trousers are also trimmed with various silver
studs and tiny crystals.
The left leg of the trousers is again made to match
the other sleeve on the jacket. It also has graffiti.
This one says "Aint No Angel" and runs the length
of the leg.

The platform shoes are a stunning death trap!
They have incredibly high stiletto heels. They are
white pvc with the tiny eyelet trim and zip up the
back of the heel.

I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed

Love Andrea xx

And now for some of those details....
Below, the jacket back eyelet lacing.
Above, the killer heels and you can just about make out the
graffiti running down the back of the leg.
Here you can see how the leg of the trousers is  
Various belts and chains, made from sterling silver
loops and chains.
Sleeve details. Showing how the left sleeve
is attached and also you may be able to
see the graffiti on the right arm. This has
been printed on in a pale grey ink.
More detail from the back of the jacket,
showing the eyelet lacing. The back waist also
has silver stud details.

More details of the
shoes. They fasten
at the ankles and
have a tiny zip
fastening at the
back of the heel.
There is the eyelet
detail across the
toes and eyelet and
lacing up the front of
the shoes.

Ok, sit back and enjoy the rest of the pictures...

Thank you for your time
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Price £400
Product Code AG01