A Victorian Dress for March

The month of March is a grey one. Well, in
England at any rate.
It is a particular kind of grey that you don't see so
much in any other month.
Oh and it's wet too! - However Spring is always
just around the corner and beginning to appear!

So my fabric choices were pretty straight forward.
I have chosen a very shiny pewter grey silk with a
contrasting blossom pink.
Around each "corner" I have embroidered
blossoms and buds in pink and a grey/lilac. The
leaves are embroidered in a glittering metallic
silver thread and there are (dew drop) crystal
beads sewn in.
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This outfit consists of
Undershirt front piece
Over-skirt with attached train
Underskirt with attached bustle
The pink undershirt fits inside the jacket and fastens
at the back with pink ribbons.
It has tiny pink buttons sewn down the front.

To make the lace collar I used the pink embroidery
silk and an incredibly small crochet hook and
crocheted the collar directly on to the shirt.

The jacket is very tightly fitted. It is fully lined in pink.
The collar revers fold back to show the pink and have
been embroidered and beaded.
It has a stand up half collar that sits around the back of
the neck.

The sleeves are gathered at the top and end with a
fold back cuff at the wrist. This has tiny pink buttons
and embroidery embellishments.
The jacket has a pleated skirt that falls down the
front and then is shaped up and around the back
to sit neatly on the top of the train of the skirt.

The pleats fold back on themselves and then
meet in a box pleat at the centre back.
The belt has been made in the contrasting pink silk.

It is embroidered with blossom, buds silver leaves
and crystal beads both at the front and at the back.

A tiny silver clasp has been used as a belt buckle.
The skirt is an A-line style and deliberately quite plain
at the front having a very ornate and heavily
embroidered train.

A reflection again of March (the month) with it's quite
plain start and flowery finish!

The skirt hem sits straight across the front then as it
goes around the back it is quite long, but is hitched up
at the hem giving the line of the centre back a nice S

The skirt is fully lined in pink - as like March,
underneath all that grey the pink really is there!

The train has been cut and folded over and over in a
pleated waterfall. It has been double sided with the
pink and the grey showing alternatively.

Each pink side has been embroidered.
Underneath the skirt there is a pink underskirt.
This has also been fully lined.
It is trimmed with dainty pink lace around the bottom edge and around the bustle.
The padded bustle has also been embroidered to match the rest of the outfit - well, why not!

Then finally to finish off the outfit there is a pair of
Victorian shoes.
Pewter grey to match the outfit.
A pierced pattern on the front and lace up