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This Outfit is designed for a
Victorian Summer.
At the moment the roses in
the garden are in full bloom
and they smell fabulous!
What better way to spend the
day than to be out there
amongst them.

The dress is made all in one
piece with press stud
fastenings down the back.
The skirt has an underskirt of
stiff cream coloured cotton to
give it shape.
The skirt itself is made in a
beautiful rose coloured pure
silk. The front is quite straight
but the back has as much
fabric as I could get cartridge
pleated into the waistband.

As you can see working
the cartridge pleats in the
skirt gets far more fabric
into the skirt without
creating bulk in the
A clever trick used very
often by the Victorian

It also lifts the skirt away
from the body giving it a
bustle effect.

The Blouse is created using some very old antique cotton lace, which could even be correct to that period.
The lace itself is very delicate and beautifully made and I have had it in mind for some time that it would be
nice to sew the strips together and make something from it.
Sewing the pieces together is very time consuming and has been done by hand as I don't want any stitches to
be seen! The front, back and sleeves have all been made this way.

The front yoke has been trimmed with tiny pearl
"buttons". The collar has been made using the
same lace and carries on down the back in a
V- shape. This has then been sewn into an edging
strip to form the back fastening, also trimmed with
tiny pearl bead buttons.

The sleeves have a short sleeve overlay in rose
print cotton fabric to match the bodice of the blouse.
This shorter sleeve sections are joined down the
middle using pearl beads between the two sections.

The Blouse has eight darts
sewn in around the waistline
to give is a good fitted shape,
and the yoke is finished off
around the edge with a frill of

To top off the outfit we have a
bonnet, essential when one is

The bonnet has been made
by sewing a strip of braid into
a spiral shape, working it to fit
the head at the same time.

The underside has a row of
lace trim and the upper a
band of lace which is sewn to
the hat and then threaded
through the body of the hat to
create the two trailing ties.
Then I have copied the rose
pattern from the fabric of the
blouse and embroidered it
over the lace.

And the outfit wouldn't be complete
without the Victorian boots.
Calf high, lace up in cream.